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Summary of Oklahoma Health Care

There are many health insurance plans in the state of Oklahoma. Normally, every type of health insurance policies covers the major medical expenses that include hospitalization as well as emergency medical treatments. The doctor visits, health screenings, physical exams, prescription drugs, maternity, and vision benefits are also paid under common benefits of a health insurance plan. However, when choosing a health insurance plan, a person must consider the maximum benefit that the person can get from it, when they are taken ill.

Major Types of Health Insurance Plans

There are four major health insurance plans which are known as HDHP, or high-deductible health plans. They are:

  • HMO: Here, a recipient in this plan must seek medical care only within the network of providers specified by this plan. Otherwise, no reimbursement will be paid by this health insurance plan. Thus, this plan is often considered as inflexible.
  • PPO: This plan is flexible when compared to a HMO plan. Here, a recipient can opt for medical care outside of the network providers. The part of the fee will be paid by this plan, but the percentage of payment will be less. In this plan out-of-pocket expenses have to be borne by the recipient.
  • POS: This plan is the combination of HMO and PPO plans. Here a recipient has to choose the network of providers. However, that recipient can go for medical assistance outside of the network too. Like in PPO, the expense paid out from the pocket of the recipient will be high.
  • HSA: This plan is best for a person who is looking to pay a lower premium amount. In this plan, expenses of health care are divided between health insurance and health care savings. The main advantage in this plan is the rolling over of the leftover amount into the next year. In this plan the amount of money that is accumulated accrues interest.
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